Increase Optical Store Sales

Increasing optical store sales is a simple goal to set. To achieve it, you must be willing to try new things, develop an effective strategy, and get your entire team on board and engaged. More than just hoping for the best after an exam will be required to convert more patients into optical customers. There are numerous things you can do to increase your capture rate and sales from prospective eyewear customers of all types.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can start selling more eyewear at your optical store:

1. Provide special promotions and discount packages:-

Everyone enjoys a good bargain. Discounts on independent eyewear or cash back for second-pair purchases can help your optical store compete with corporate forces attempting to steal patients away from independent ECPs. You can offer a variety of promotional deals, such as:

  • BOGO or package-deal discounts are available.
  • Deals for referring a friend.
  • Promotional discounts.

2. Rearrange your picture frames or floor plan:-

Merchandising can have a significant impact on optical store sales. Unique optical store displays that follow certain retail merchandising principles can help you drive engagement and, ultimately, move more products. Here are some things to try to make your space more appealing and your displays more interesting:

  •  Showroom Lighting: Lighting in the showroom is critical, and there should be plenty of it. However, make sure you can correctly balance lighting and shadows to create contrasts that highlight your best products.
  • Floor Plan: Most visitors to your showroom will take a similar path as they browse your displays. The path you take will be heavily influenced by how you arrange the merchandise and furniture in your showroom.

3. More advertising:-

More sales should follow if you have a good optical store marketing strategy. However, it is critical to avoid ineffective marketing pitfalls or errors that reduce returns.

Out-of-network providers are probably already familiar with marketing—one it’s of the most effective ways to acquire patients and increase optical store sales without a vision plan. And they’re getting a lot for their money. When you consider the inherent cost of vision plans, marketing may be the more cost-effective option.

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