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Many woodworkers have already gone “unplugged” by switching to hand tools. If you’re a skilled woodworker or even a beginner, you’re interested in the art of hand-tool woodworking. What are the advantages? Is it less expensive? Is it more secure? Can I put them to use in my apartment? I’ve narrowed it down to reasons why you should woodwork with hand tools

1. Improve Your Craft:-

Consider the value of working with hand tools before reaching for the power tools or your wallet to purchase some. Hand tools allow you to understand wood as a material truly. A woodworker must understand how tools interact with their material on a visceral level. Examine how wood reacts to the edge of a blade, metal, and stone — wall at a controlled, learnable rate. Hand tools allow you to take your time and work at your own pace. Stop now and then to observe how the wood looks and feels as it approaches the desired outcome.

2. Link to History:-

Working with hand tools on wood is one of the most ancient human practices, spanning almost every continent and even predating the evolution of Homo sapiens. Roman woodworkers were known to be extremely proud of their hand tools, and they occasionally used images of prized tools in their signatures, but they were never buried with them (a common Roman practice) as they were passed down through generations.

As a woodworker who uses hand tools today, you are a part of the human story and practicing largely unchanged ancient practices. If you happened to find yourself in an ancient Rome shop, you’d probably be fine

3. Stress Reduction

Nothing beats sitting down to work on a project on a Sunday afternoon before a long week. A set time and place to pursue woodworking are good for the soul. Stress has been linked to a plethora of medical conditions, and it is the bane of today’s overworked and over-connected modern human. Whatever your skill level, setting aside time to improve, finish a piece, or simply work on a personal project without a deadline reduces stress and boosts self-esteem. Hand tools, in particular, are an excellent choice for this type of individual art therapy.

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