May 14, 2022


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Right Credit Card

How to Pick the Right Credit Card for your NGO?

Are you a Non-Profit Government Organisation or NGO working for the benefit of society and the people? And are you looking for a credit card that offers you access to short-term credit for managing your day-to-day expenses besides funds to purchase the necessary supplies that enable you to perform your work well? 

If yes, the most appropriate card for you is a business credit card that is economical and comes with a lot of benefits like insurance, reward points, and special discounts that aid in better management of funds.

Benefits of Credit Card 

A financial tool like a credit card proves highly useful for NGOs for purchasing supplies for a fundraising event or providing assistance to somebody. You can use a business card to fund your day-to-day besides purchasing air tickets and making hotel bookings for your employees.

These cards also come with special features and benefits.

Purchase Rewards

Business credit card benefits include purchase rewards in the form of points that can be converted into cash backs or discounts on future purchases. Usage of your business credit cards can entitle you to get credit cards for your employees too thereby motivating them to work better. 

Special discounts on the purchase of your office supplies is another benefit associated with the regular usage of your business credit card.

Cash Backs

The cashback that you earn by using your credit card is highly precious and important for achieving your organisation’s objective.

No Annual Fee

Another category of credit card rewards is the waiver of the annual fee on your card subject to its usage up to a certain level.

Travel-Related Benefits

If your work involves a lot of travel, you can use a travel business card that offers special rewards on flight tickets and hotel bookings and use the same for future trips. This will help your organisation save a lot of money that can be used for the betterment of the people. Credit cards that offer lounge access prove to be highly useful if your employees have to travel a lot for their work.

Tips to Choose the Right Card for your NGO

Here are some tips to choose the right credit card for your organisation:

  • Choose a card with zero annual fees and the lowest interest rate on outstanding balances.
  • Look for cards that offer rewards on purchases or areas of expenses related to your work. If you are spending more on office supplies look for cards offering rewards on such purchases. However, if you are focused on feeding poor children or educating them, go for a card that offers discounts on related purchases.
  • Go for a card whose usage can be controlled to avoid overspending. The option to track the usage of cards by your employees should also be explored.

Choosing the right credit card is important to reap the benefits of using plastic money.