May 14, 2022


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Can I qualify for multiple Canadian immigration programs?

As an aspiring candidate for immigration to Canada, it is possible at times that you qualify for multiple immigration programs via Express Entry Program. This is solely dependent on the information you share in your Express Entry profile. 

In such a scenario, you will be offered an invitation to file an application for 1 program in this order: 

  • CEC – Canadian Experience Class
  • FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program

For instance:

  • If you are eligible for all the 3 programs, IRCC will offer you an invite to submit an application for CEC
  • If you qualify for the CEC and FSWP, then too you will be offered an invitation to file an application for CEC
  • If you qualify for the FSWP and FSTP, then you will be offered invitation to file an application for FSWP

You do not have the choice of selecting the program under which you receive the invitation to submit an application. The Express Entry System will sort profiles in the pool depending on the information you provide. 

If you do not accept the invitation, you will not be re-invited to apply under the second program. You will be re-entered into the pool. If you receive the invitation again, the same order holds good. 

If you are eligible for the FSWP and FSTP

FSWP is the program for which most of the applicants who do not have work experience in Canada qualify. It is also the program that has witnessed extraordinary interest from immigration candidates to Canada. Thus, there is a severe competition to submit applications under FSWP. 

One of the ways to increase your chances of selection under FSWP is by submitting multiple applications. All applicants do not qualify for submitting multiple applications. This is because every fresh submission has to be made under a distinct occupation. 

However, if you can, you must not miss doing so. This is because submitting several applications can increase the chances of acceptance of your application before the intake cap for the program gets exhausted. 

All occupations are offered distinct NOCs – National Occupation Codes for the purpose of immigration to Canada. Every NOC denotes a particular group of occupations, for instance, Civil Engineers. Standard job duties and education or experience requirements are also defined by IRCC for each NOC. 

Currently, eligible occupations include diverse professional fields. These include Engineering, Information Technology, Financial Services, and Healthcare. 

Filing an Application under Several NOCs

IRCC permits applicants to file multiple applications for Canada PR Visa at the same time. But you must make payment of government processing fees separately for every application. 

The FSWP requires you to have worked in a qualified occupation for a minimum of one year in the past 10 years. Thus, there are many scenarios through which you can submit multiple applications under FSWP. Some instances are: 

  • You worked in one qualified NOC and upon change of career streams, worked in an entirely dissimilar NOC. You can submit applications through both distinct NOCs. This is provided you fulfill other requirements for eligibility. 
  • You worked in a qualified NOC like Accountants and Financial Auditors. Later, you were promoted to a similar qualified NOC like Senior Managers or Financial Managers in Financial Services. Each and all of the NOCs can be qualified for the FSWP. 
  • You worked in a position wherein your job duties are overlapping with additional NOC. For example, as a Computer Programmer, you may also have performed duties assigned to a Software Developer. It can be possible for you to submit under both NOCs. This is if a considerable amount of duties inclusive of essential duties can be fulfilled for both the NOCs. 

You and your common-law partner/spouse are both eligible to submit applications under one or multiple NOCs. 

Should you submit multiple applications? 

You can increase your chance of acceptance by filing multiple applications. This is if you are qualified under more than one NOC. It is especially advisable if you plan to file Canada PR Visa applications through popular sectors like Information Technology and Nursing. 

If possible, submitting applications under multiple NOCs will help you in putting your best foot forward. You also stand the best chance of being accepted for review. It is worth the additional efforts and money to be rest assured that you did everything possible for getting the Canada PR Visa. 

Regarding the extra process fees for the Government, if your application is returned due to the exhaustion of the intake cap, you will be refunded this processing fee. Due to this, there are high chances that you will get a partial refund if in case you file multiple applications. 

You must consider your multiple Canada PR Visa applications as investments. It has the potential to transform not just your life, but even your family including treasured ones for several generations. So it is indispensable for you to try the best shot in your immigration application. It is inclusive of filing multiple applications if you do qualify. 

Federal Skilled Worker Program: Brief Overview 

Express Entry recognizes 347 qualified occupations through which candidates can submit Federal Skilled Worker applications. They must fulfill the minimum criteria for entry and submit an EOI – Expression of Interest. Candidates in the pool are ranked as per the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System. 

The candidates securing the highest rank are offered the ITA for Canada PR Visa. They must file the complete application including supporting documents within 3 months. 

In order to become eligible for getting admission into the Express Entry system as an FSWP applicant, you must fulfill the following essential conditions: 

  • Have a minimum 1 year of full-time continuous paid work experience or corresponding part-time continual employment in one of the 347 qualified occupations in the past 10 years as specified in the NOC
  • The work experience must be classified as any one of the following as per the National Occupational Classification system:
  • Managerial Occupations – Skill Type 0
  • Professional Occupations – Skill Level A
  • Skilled Trades and Technical Occupations – Skill Level A 
  • Secure adequate points in the skilled worker point grid consisting of 6 factors of selection. The pass mark currently is 67. 
  • Undergo test for language from an accredited third party and prove language skills at the intermediate level in French or English corresponding to Canadian Language Benchmark CLB 7 
  • Have adequate funds for settling in Canada 
  • Successfully clear the Medical Examination and Security Background 

Eligible candidates are assessed for 6 factors for determining their eligibility for immigrating to Canada. You must obtain a minimum of 67 points out of a total of 100 for qualifying. The factors for selection are: 

  • Language
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged employment

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